Options to Replace Teeth in Aurora and Peru

teeth replacement options

Denture wearers, people with missing teeth and people whose teeth are beyond saving can benefit from the tooth-like properties of dental implants. We offer many options to replace one or more missing teeth.

single tooth implant

Single Tooth Replacement

To replace a single missing tooth, Dr. Flynn recommends a dental implant topped by a porcelain crown. Dental implants are long-lasting and don’t require the cutting down of adjacent teeth, as with dental bridges.

Several Teeth Needing Replacementteeth replacement

If two or more adjacent teeth are missing, Dr. Flynn recommends replacing them with either individual dental implants or with an implant-supported bridge as a strong and stable solution.

All Teeth Replaced

When it comes to replacing an entire arch of teeth, we offer many options. Dr. Flynn will consult with you in detail and recommend the options that best suit your goals, budget and expectations.

implant supported snap in dentures

Implant-Supported, Snap-In Dentures

The most economical dental implant replacement solution is the use of implant-supported, removable, snap-in dentures. Implant-supported dentures allow you to snap the dentures onto implants with special attachments, which hold the denture securely in place. Snap-in dentures are more stable in the mouth and will provide you with more chewing power than traditional dentures. In some cases, Dr. Flynn can even turn an existing denture into a snap-in denture.

Fixed-In, Implant-Supported Teeth

fixed-in implant-supported teethFor the ultimate in strength and chewing power, Dr. Flynn provides fixed-in, implant-supported teeth. Fixed-in teeth are permanently attached to dental implants in the jawbone and can only be removed by a dentist. This option is the closest to having real teeth, and provides nearly full natural chewing power.

For denture wearers, fixed-in teeth provide a huge improvement in quality of life. You will not only be able to smile again with confidence, but you will also be able to eat whatever you want!


New Teeth in One Day with All-on-4®

Thanks to the revolutionary All-on-4 procedure you can receive extractions, implants and fixed-in teeth, all on the same day. The
All-on-4 procedure eliminates the need for bone grafting in almost all cases, and nearly everyone who needs a full set of teeth replaced is a candidate for the procedure.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

single dental implantDr. Flynn offers a free consultation, so you can find out what your best treatment options are. Your consultation includes:

  • Meeting with Dr. Flynn
  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Discussion of your goals
  • Learning about your treatment options
  • Getting all your questions answered