What is the Cost of Dental Implants

Everyone is different. This concept applies to both peoples’ personality as well as their body. When considering the cost of dental implants at our office in Aurora, IL, be sure to know that there are several factors that contribute to the overall quote of your dental implant operation. Today, we will be talking about what to expect during your consultation, as well as several variables that can aid you in your search for your perfect smile.

dental implants diagram Aurora IL
Precision placed dental implants can ensure your smile remains perfect.

Quality Assurance: Dental Implants and Their Longevity

When our patients come into our Aurora, Illinois office, one of the most common questions is how do dental implants and All on 4 differ from previous alternatives for teeth replacement. Compared to dentures and bridges, dental implants are built and installed to last. They are crafted to give you the feel and comfortability of having real teeth, with all the functionality of a real smile. This means no removal, no constant maintenance, and no inhibition.

On top of this, the installation of these implants are guaranteed to improve your overall oral health and quality of life. When a tooth is missing for long periods of time, the gap allows various bacteria and infections to start spreading through the tissue and bone. Alternatives like dentures and bridges do not fill in these vulnerable areas and allow damage to be done to the jaw and nearby teeth. Ultimately, by choosing one of these alternatives early, larger amount of deformation and deterioration will cause more expensive repair down the line.

Know that dental implants are the top-tier choice for regaining your teeth in one day, and the price can reflect the quality of the installation.

How to Compare Your Dental Implants Quotes

The best thing to do when considering your options for your oral health is to shop around. Be sure to consult with several experts regarding the best plan for you. Some things that you can consider while receiving quotes are:

  • Extractions: of affected teeth or their accompanying roots
  • Placements: whether a root or a crown, titanium placements are needed
  • Grafting: gum or bone
  • Scans and operative care: before or after the operation, as well as preliminary tests to plan the operation itself and ensure its completion

With these factors in mind, be sure to ask your periodontist for break downs of their quotes and find an option that is suited for your resources!

Looking for More Information?

Be sure to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Donald Flynn, DDS here. Also, be sure to stay posted to our blog as we continue to bring you industry news and updates, as well as tips and tricks for your surgery. Thank you as always for joining, and will be sure to bring you another update soon.

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