What are Digital Radiographs?

Digital x-rays are fast, comfortable, and efficient in oral health assessment. More importantly, they require no chemical processing and they emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays!

Digital x-rays can shorten your dental appointment! With traditional x-rays, the patient will have to wait while the dental professional chemically develops the film. With digital x-rays, the sensor is able to instantly develop the x-ray and it projects onto the computer screen right before your eyes! Once on the screen, Dr. Flynn is able to enlarge or magnify the x-ray for a better visual of the tooth’s structure.

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Maintenance

Innovative Periodontics and Implants utilizes the latest and most innovative technology for maintaining their periodontal patients. Using a dental laser during routine periodontal maintenance appointments has shown to destroy the most amounts of bacteria possible. A small amount of light energy from the laser is directed through a tiny fiber, which is gently placed between the gum and the tooth. The light energy removes a tiny amount of diseased tissue and aids in reducing the bacteria associated with periodontal disease.


Identafi in Naperville, IL

In its early stages, most oral cancer is virtually undetectable with the naked eye. When oral cancer begins, it may not always produce pain or discomfort. Dr. Flynn and his team, on the front line of detection, have a revolutionary new medical device called Identafi that uses multi-spectral technology to identify changes in the cells of your mouth, throat, tongue and tonsils.

What is SimPlant?

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With SimPlant, Dr. Flynn is able to perform your implant procedure on the computer before actually performing your surgery! SimPlant is an implant planning software used with our 3-D image to ensure the most accurate and predictable surgery. This software gives Dr. Flynn three-dimensional information on the anatomy of your mouth:

  • The width and density of your jawbone
  • The exact location of your neighboring tooth roots
  • The location of the nerves and other vital anatomical landmarks

With this information Dr. Flynn is able to plan the ideal location for your implants, reach the best outcome, and show you how your new teeth will look- even before the treatment! This new technology prevents complications and helps to avoid expensive and time-consuming follow-up visits.

What is the Isolite System?

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The Isolite System is revolutionary technology that helps control the oral environment and eliminates the need for cotton rolls and constant rinse breaks. Because your comfort is important to our office we use this system that has a soft and flexible mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is used to shield your tongue and cheek during procedures as well as provides a light that illuminates your mouth from the inside, reducing shadows and making treatments more efficient. The isolite system provides the best isolation, which results in our most effective and efficient dentistry. The Isolite even has a place for you to rest your jaw, making dental treatment much more comfortable!

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