What Should You Expect from Your Dental Implant Installation

What to expect from your dental implants installation?

Although it is normal to get nervous before a surgery or installation, it is often because people do not know what to expect from their dental implant installation process. Below you can find out what it is like to get your new teeth in one day, as well as what to expect in the days or weeks to follow. Take a minute to read this short article in order to better prepare for your dental implant placement!

Firstly, all dental implants begin with an initial consultation with your local periodontist. This will typically include taking X-rays and 3D images of your jaw line and teeth. This is also a time where your periodontist will speak with you about your various alternatives, as well as a general recommendation regarding the implants itself. With your agreement, the doctor will then begin preparing and planning your dental implant surgery.

At your next meeting, you will obtain your new dental implants! With this dental implant placement day, the periodontist will place the dental implant(s) into your jawbone and install them for permanent placements. People typically describe the experience as less painful or discomforting than they originally imagined, and many return to work the following day! Your local doctor will consult you on whether you will need any pain relievers or other sedatives that can help with pain or swelling. Typically swelling, bleeding, or bruising can accompany the original surgery, but these tend to heal quickly and without further issue.

As the tissue heals, the bones and implants will begin to fuse together, creating a permanent and long-lasting fixture that will act and function like a real tooth. This process (osseointegration) will typically take a few months. For the first few weeks you will be instructed to eat only soft foods as to not alter or damage the placings. After this period, you will be scheduled for a follow up meeting with your local periodontist.

During this meeting, your dental implant specialist (periodontist) will begin to insert the abutments above the dental implants. After your gums heal, your dentist will begin making molds and custom-made designs for your teeth. With the newly fitted teeth in hand, the teeth are installed and ready for use! Typically with good care and maintenance of the teeth, only periodic check ups will be required from then on.

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